Everyday Warrior Inspirational Thought

Here's my monthly #everydaywarriorinspirationalthought, ya'll: "You're life will only become (BLANK) when you do (BLANK)!" I let go of these statements, these ultimatums, these 'only when you do this, when you master that will you be able to enjoy that-isms'...It’s almost like saying I have to be 'perfect' or Master some philosophy before I have a life anything remotely close to being wonderful and fulfilling, which is totally untrue! Life calls my name and I come running with all my stuff, all of my baggage, all of my quirks; all of my darkness and all of my light...ALL OF ME! Yep! There is such a thing called 'grace'; And, baby, it's called "amazing grace' for a reason. Because it reminds me that I DON'T HAVE TO FIX MYSELF BEFORE LIFE IS GOOD TO ME! OH, BABY, YES, I’M ALWAYS WORKING ON BECOMING A BETTER VERSION OF ME BUT GODS GRACE IS GOOD TO ME NO MATTER WHAT VERSION IT SEES! I DON'T HAVE TO FIX MYSELF BEFORE I CAN PARTICIPATE IN LIFE! GODFORCE USES ME AND LIFE BRINGS WONDERFUL THINGS, WONDERFUL PEOPLE AND WONDERFUL EXPERIENCES TO ME JUST AS I AM. AND JUST AS I AM GROWING, TOO! Yep! AFFIRMATION: I am the ultimate person without meeting ultimatums. Godforce is willing to take me on an incredible journey a l w a y s JUST AS I AM at any given moment w/ no stipulations!

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