Everyday Warrior Inspirational Thought

Here’s my monthly #everydaywarriorinspirationalthought, ya’ll: 
Don’t let a someone who doesn’t meditate, doesn’t pray, isn’t actively working to be a beneficial presence in other people’s lives, has no practice for self reflection, doesn’t call themselves on their stuff get you all swept away in their energy, throw you off center or mess up your day! 
Stay woke! And stay rooted in your soul and the work you are doing in your life. Your ancient, timeless soul has weathered society’s battles before. What is happening present day is nothing new for the soul. So, there’s no need to get swept away by it all. Stay rooted and grounded, child! For you are a part of a continuum of work to raise humanity to a higher standard on this planet that's been on going for centuries. What is happening now is nothing new! Yep! So, we must pace ourselves, be about our work and stay rooted in our souls!

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