Everyday Warrior Inspirational Thought

Here's my monthly #everydaywarriorinspirationalthought, ya'll: Who has the most this? The prettiest that? Who finishes fastest? Who has the biggest (insert item)? Who has the best (whatever)? From grade school, we're trained to compete with each other; to quantify and measure ourselves against our fellow woman and man! No wonder as an adult, I find it hard to let go of this insanity: My entire education was based on it!!!!! AFFIRMATION: I acknowledge how my education has failed me and I choose to re-educate myself. One beautiful lesson is this: ANY AND ALL COMPARISIONS IN THIS WORLD DO NOT APPLY TO ME! THERE IS NO LONGER A NEED FOR ME TO COMPARE MYSELF TO ANYONE ELSE (i.e. how much money someone has, how many followers someone has, how much fame they’ve acquired, etc.)! I EMANCIPATE MYSELF FROM COMPARISON! EVEN AS MY MIND SOMETIMES FALLS BACK ON THE OLDER PRACTICE, THE TEACHER OF MY SOUL REMINDS MY MIND THAT I AM FREE TO LIVE MY LIFE WITHOUT THE RULER OF COMPARISION!

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