JUST FOR GEORGE FLOYD: Letter to MAYOR JACOB FREY AND MPD CHIEF, Medaria Arradondo, Mike Kjos, Kathy Waite, Art Knight

MPD, Medaria Arradondo, Mike Kjos, Kathy Waite, Art Knight - 

Your immediate firing of the four officers involved in the George Floyd murder was a first step. You would not have taken that kind of action unless you had clear evidence of wrong doing and misconduct. So, you cannot stop with the termination of their employment. That is not enough. 

Citizens of this country, the world and upstanding police officers across everywhere (yes, because for those officers that operate with integrity, their reputations are at stake) are urging you to make sure that these four officers are punished to the full extent of the law. 

Make sure evidence is not hidden. Make sure the records of these officers are not hidden. Make sure the police union does not use their power to sway officers from doing what is right and taking action against rogue officers it the department ranks. Make sure witnesses are not intimidated by the power to retaliate you hold from speaking their truth to power in this case. And please, above all else, do not fall into a 'protect your own' mentality thinking that if you fully put your weight behind supporting these officers being charged for murder that you are somehow letting down the hundreds of thousands of police officers that serve in communities across our nation. 

No. By making sure that you do you job - fulfill your civic obligation -  to hold murderous, reckless and racist police officers accountable in your department, you are honoring your citizens and ALL upstanding officers that risk their lives every day and night to do their jobs and do them with integrity. With integrity. 

Do the just, civil and humane thing and cooperate with all investigative agencies at every level of this investigation. DO YOUR JOB. The world is watching you. God is watching you. And, BELIEVE THIS: The racist police officers who terrorize citizens of color are watching you, too. They want to see if they are going to be able to continue to use their badges and blue uniforms to carry out their darkest and most inhumane impulses and continue their destructive reign on black lives and black families. 

With Grief and Outrage and a demand for a higher standard in your department, 

Dorian B.

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