Here's my monthly #LGBTQSoulinspiration, ya'll: STARVING FOR SOUL FOOD, I've always loved church, just like I love reading self help books. But, with both, I rarely hear the LGBTQ life uplifted and celebrated or even mentioned. I always have just taken beautiful philosophies that speak from a heteronormative point of view and add in my experience to make them my own or with the church, I had to take out the talk about abomination and consume whatever spiritual food my hungry soul could feed off of. So, I created these LGBTQSoulinspirations for myself that I share with others so that I can truly see my gay self reflected in soulful inspirational self help, self care writings and philosophies. AFFIRMATION: I am grateful for the people and spaces who make it their mission to speak directly to my LGBTQ soul to continually uplift and inspire me. I am grateful for the wisdom within to know that there need not be any intermediary between the Godforce within me and myself; I need not feed off of the scraps I gather from tables where I am not truly included and welcome. I can go to Godforce's table within anytime and serve myself heaping, healthly life-giving plates of spiritual soul food to stay alive and thrive off of. I can eat huge meals that are good for my soul at a table where me and my #LGBTQ sisters and brothers and our allies are always at home!

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