Here’s my monthly #LGBTQSoulinspiration y’all: Usually for pride I talk passionately and generally about LGBTQ issues or share my coming out journey. This pride - to close out this month - I must acknowledge that I need to be so much more vocal about trans lives and therefore recommit to supporting, building awareness and raising my voice regarding my trans sisters and brothers, especially transgender women of color who are being murdered at epidemic proportions...the vast majority of whom their murderers are never brought to justice. Disgusted, deeply saddened and horrified by the video footage of 20 year old #iyannadiorbeing attacked by a mob in Minneapolis and the story of a trans woman being tied to a vehicle and dragged in Jacksonville, as we fight and organize for justice - and make sure LGBTQ people of color are included in that - we must especially elevate the struggle of our transgender and gender non conforming brothers and sisters and the violence facing them. They are us. We are them. Today I renew my commitment to being a source of more effective support - in all areas of my life as a pharmacist, citizen, artist - for our transgender family.

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