Here's my monthly #LGBTQSoulinspiration, ya'll: Hurricane Dorian. Chyle...something about having a hurricane with your name on it doing destruction on the Bahamas and beyond forces you to do some soul-searching. It reminds me not only of natures capacity for great beauty and destruction but also my own human capacity for those two superpowers. Growing up gay in a household, in a city, in a culture, in a society during the 80's and early 90's where there was nothing to support me as a gay kid - and I mean nothing - I felt isolated and I suffered a lot of verbal abuse and psychological trauma and hurt that I'm working to heal. [“What happens to a dream deferred? Maybe it sags like a heavy load. Or does it explode?"- Langston Hughes] There have been a few times in my life as an adult when I've been triggered and reacted to people out of my trauma (saying hurtful things, abandoning friendships with no explanation - some deserved; some not) But, more often the case has been that I react to MYSELF out of my trauma (it could be as simple as not celebrating myself as much as I should) So, as I contemplate Hurricane Dorian and the destruction it's left in it's path, I become more and more mindful of my own power to uplift as well as my power to hurt and destroy. I continue to do all the things I can do to heal and work through my trauma so that I catch myself before I react in situations from that damaged kid inside me. LGBTQ or not, many of us human beings have had traumatic experiences and hurts in life. So, it's vital to do the inner work so that we do not hurt others like we have been hurt. And to the National Weather Service: DON’T NAME ANYMORE HURRICANES AFTER YA BOY! (📸: C. Williams via Dorian’s Live Neosoul & Yoga: The Neosoul Experience w/ J. Nkalati ) #lgbtq #lgbt #gay#lesbian #transgender #queer

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