Here's my monthly #LGBTQSoulinspiration, ya'll: (Conversations w/ myself that I share with others) Body. What kind of body do you find attractive? What kind of body do you just adore? Worship? Salivate over? Yum, right? Ok, now does your body look like that? When you think of your body are you proud to show it or ashamed? Are there certain things that you don't like about your body? What if all the energy you put into praising other people's bodies you put into celebrating your own...just as it is? Pretend we live in a universe where your body is just as special as anyone else's...cause we do (even if we live in a society that hasn’t completely caught up with that truth!) Now think about the bodies you've loved and that have loved you, that you've touched, held, been held by...Have they always fit the American societal 'standard'? Maybe not, but there was wonder in those bodies wasn't there? Yes! Our bodies perform miracles every moment of the day...think about that! Our bodies are living organic miracles! Affirmation; I begin to indulge in the deliciousness of my own body...when I spread that lotion over my skin, when I'm working out, when I try on that pair of jeans, when I walk down the street, I do it in love, in appreciation of the gloriousness my own unique body...! As hard as it might be, I let go of worshipping, adoring, coveting other people's bodies. I begin to honor my own body...I save that body love for me first!

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