In almost 60% of states for which race and ethnicity data is available on the CDC website, the distribution of COVID-19-related deaths is substantially higher among African American and Latinx communities than the groups’ distribution in the population. Supportive Housing heroes help program participants to thrive by focusing on health and wellness. What makes frontline workers in supportive housing special is their uncanny ability to make the everyday unique. Dorian does the same by adding a twist to traditional yoga. In this active session, Supportive Housing Heroes and other guests should pull out a towel or yoga mat. Give your body, mind and soul the gifts of a soothing flow as you wind down your evening as neosoul artist, Dorian and yoga teacher, Staci offer a unique experience of being serenaded with uplifting neosoul music you can groove to while you are guided through simple yoga stretches. This flow is beginner friendly.