Here’s my monthly #lgbtqsoulinspiration: I was talking to a straight person and she said: “I just feel like [gay people] are always trying to push their agenda onto us. What they do behind closed doors is their business!” Of course right after she made that comment, I told her I was gay [she had no idea] I mindfully and respectfully explained to her that it was about visibility; that straight people have been visible for so long and that it is now time for marginalized groups to be just as visible. As far as agenda, I mean the straight ‘agenda’ has been so pervasive in our culture, right? Pushed on ALL since birth, right? I mean it’s been ‘shoved down our thoats’ via all outlets, even though it’s not representative of ALL peoples way of life. And...In terms of what I do in my bedroom being my business, what if I were to tell you as a straight person to limit talk about your newly found lovers, your wedding engagements/ announcements, your anniversaries, your gender reveals for your babies to you and your partner’s bedroom? That would be crazy absurd, right, because you know that being straight and all those things are about waaaaay more than what you do in the bedroom. I welcome some - not all straight people cause many understand 💯 - to entertain the fact that it’s the same for lgbtq people...who we are goes way beyond sex even if you don’t agree w/ the lifestyle. But we DO have sex and we can talk openly about that too, ‘cause straight people do it all the time everywhere they go! AFFIRMATION: I SEE MYSELF REFLECTED MORE AND MORE IN LIFE AND I CELEBRATE HOW FAR LGBTQ PEOPLE HAVE COME. THERE’S MORE WORK TO DO AND I DO MY PART IN MY OWN WAY TO INCREASE VISIBILITY AND POSITIVE IMAGES! I AM GRATEFUL FOR ALLIES AND ALL THOSE WHO STAND UP FOR FREEDOM FOR THOSE WHO MAY BE DIFFERENT FROM THEM! #lgbtq #gay #lesbian#trans #queer

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