Here’s my monthly #lgbtqsoulinspiration, y’all: Happy National Coming Out Day! #nationalcomingoutday As a gay man, I just don’t come out once and it’s done. I wish it were that way. That easy. Every time I meet new people. With each new job. I come out again and again and again. And it’s not always a ‘happy’ or comfortable process because in coming out, the chances are high that I may become a target for others homophobia, it may trigger huge shifts in relationships, be the reason for me not getting an opportunity and even violence. But, I choose to come out over and over again in my own way - and in some cases in my own time. Because it also opens me up to be loved by allies as I unapologetically live my truth. At the same time, I do not judge those in the LGBTQ community that choose not to make it known. Coming out is each persons choice and I respect that. AFFIRMATION: I am a proud black gay man. (It’s taken me years to be able to say that) Even though coming out and being visible has its challenges, I celebrate my coming out over and over again because it is how I speak my truth into the world. It is how I say, “I AM HERE. WE ARE HERE. WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BE SEEN. WE MATTER. AND I WANT TO BE AN EXAMPLE TO REMIND LGBTQ YOUTH THAT THEY MATTER. I welcome all people into the inclusive music spaces I create. And I applaud and am grateful for all allies who stand with the LGBTQ community. We all deserve to thrive! #gay#lesbian #transgender #lgbtqallies

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