Everyday Warrior Inspirational Thought

Here's my monthly #everydaywarriorinspirationalthought, ya'll: (Notes to self that I share with others) New year, new you, right? New and improved version? You've been updated and upgraded, right? Hallelujah!!! The reset button has been set, right? The slate has been wiped clean! Much respect to everybody’s journey, but...Sheeeeeeeit! Listen, truth is, I don't know about you, but I woke up this morning on New Year's Day pretty much working on the same stuff I was working on New Year's Eve - I am God's beautiful work in ongoing progress and process - and that's good. Yes, there are always ways that I can get better, ways that I can improve myself and ways I can I renew myself! That's EVERY day...so I breathe and release the pressure - ohhhhhhh the insane and irrational commercially driven pressure to be magically transformed when that ball drop every year! Oh, a new calendar year feels good; this morning felt magical; there's something magical about looking back and looking forward and committing to more growth...but I keep in mind that God is transforming me E V E R Y day on a timeline that exists beyond this world! So, if anybody woke up with it NOT feeling magical, that's okay, cause your evolutionary timeline is not set by this world, but by Godforce! So, however you woke up this morning, it's okay...it’s a part of your path; keep living and walking your path! We gotta respect the timing of our own unfolding!

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