Everyday Warrior Inspirational Thought

Here’s my monthly #everydaywarriorinspirationalthought (notes to self I share with others): The goal of a terrorist is to get you to lose your footing...in your position in society, in the power of your beliefs, in the beauty of your culture, in your personal power! From your position of insecurity they can then feel like they have power. Can you imagine what it must be like to be a white supremacist in a world that is rapidly changing and transitioning away from all the bullshit they stand for (benefitting from a mindset that sees them as superior to other human beings)? They scared AF! The world is a fearful place for them right now and their goal is to spread that fear. The best thing you can do is to continue to get even more deeply grounded in who you are. They will not win. Because the truth is, they have already lost and they know it. The majority of the people in this world see beauty in the huge and expansive diversity that is now on the horizon for this country. Let that inspire you to stay grounded in these times; to fight back in life affirming ways, socially, politically. When despair and fear and sadness and anger and grief from losing precious irreplaceable lives can grip us and shake us to our core, let’s grieve - Dear God let us grieve - and let’s also be inspired by the good people in the world and unite and work with them. For the good people have always been the true usherers of positive change. Stay grounded and vigilant, for that is where your power is!

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